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Healer's Gift

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Tyleet's Family



Soulname: Jial
Parents: One-eye (deceased) and Clearbrook
Lifemate(s): Tyleet; Dewshine
Children: Pool; Windkin

Scouter was born to One-eye and Clearbrook in the old Father Tree Holt. He quickly became lovemates with Dewshine. They were committed to eachother as any two elves could be. Scouter was even quoted as saying he hoped recognition never happened to him.  It was especially hard for him when Dewshine found recognition in another.  She assured him that even though she bore Tyldak's child he would be the father. He raised Windkin as his own son with Dewshine in the Sun Village. After the ten thousand year sleep Scouter and Dewshine returned to live with their birth tribe, the Wolfriders. There he recognized Tyleet and formed a three mating bond.  He followed Ember to Howling Rock Holt along with his family. Two years later Tyleet bore him a son named Pool. He has also challenged Ember and won for the Chief's lock when Dewshine and Pool were kidnapped. He has since given it back.  After the end of the war he chose to remain at Howling Rock Holt with his tribe. 


Soulname: Lree
Parents: Treestump and Rillfisher (deceased)
Lifemate(s): Scouter and Tyleet
Children: Windkin; Pool

Dewshine was born to Treestump and Rillfisher in the old Father Tree Holt.  She lost her mother at a young age and was raised by her father, whom she is especially close to. Her first and only lovemate was Scouter. After meeting the Gliders she met the elf she was destined to recognize with. She denied it for a long time wanting to only bear Wolfrider children, until Scouter assured her that he would stick by her and her cub. She gave birth to Tyldak's son, Windkin, and her and Scouter raised the half-glider together in the Sun Village. Years later, when Windkin was a teenager, Dewshine and Scouter went back to the Wolfriders were Scouter suprisingly recognized Tyleet.  The three of them formed a three-mating-bond and Dewshine was as much Pool's mother as Tyleet.


Soulname: Unknown
Parents: Tyleet and Scouter; Dewshine
Lifemate(s): None yet
Children: None yet

Pool was born to Scouter and Tyleet; and Dewshine. He was the first cub born in Howling Rock Holt; His playmate Sust followed just a year later.  He was a "Special" child of Recognition that was detected while still in the womb. "


Soulname: Twen
Parents: Brownberry and Longbranch
Lifemate(s): Redlance
Children: Tyleet

Nightfall was born to Brownberry and Longbranch in the old Father Tree Holt. She grew up especially close to Cutter, who was destined to become the next chief of the Wolfriders. When she was a teenager she became Lovemates with Redlance, the treeshaper.  During the war for the palace she exchanged soulnames with her beloved. They lived as any two recognized would, except for one thing: a child of thier own. When the Wolfriders went to live in the Forbidden Grove Nightfall and Redlance approached Leetah asking her to help them conceive the child they had always longed for. Nightfall gave birth to Tyleet two turns later with the help of Redlance and Shenshen watching nearby. The two parents raised their daughter and followed her to Howling Rock Holt during the war. Nightfall and Redlance then left their daughter, who was heavy with cub, to follow Cutter back to the Old Father Tree Holt.


Soulname: Ulm
Parents: Unknown
Lifemate(s): Nightfall
Children: Tyleet

Redlance was originally born "Redmark". He was born in the old Father Tree Holt and it is unclear as to who his parents are.

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