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Healer's Gift

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Tyleet is the longed for cub of Redlance and Nightfall. Her name means "Healer's Gift".  Her secret soul name is Sohn. She was the first cub to be born to the Wolfriders in Thorny Mountain Holt.  Tyleet grew up with her childhood playmate Venka, daughter of Rayek and Kahvi.  Tyleet grew up to be the kindest and most gentle of the elves, much like her father, Redlance.  She adopted and raised an abandoned human baby which she named "Little Patch".  After sleeping in wrapstuff for ten thousand years her tribe was finally reunited with their Cheif's family, who were stolen into the future.  Not long after the reunion, some Wolfriders who were living in the Sun Village, rejoined their birth tribe, including Scouter and Dewshine. 
Tyleet, having experience with humans in the past, had a soft spot for them.  One day she stumbled upon a human woodcutter.  They quickly made friends and he began teaching her his language.  A few nights later Scouter, who had woken up worried over Tyleet's whereabouts, went searching for her, only to find her in the company of a human! Scouter attempted to "rescue" her and ended up recognizing her instead!  Tyleet was overwhelmed with finding her lifemate and cried with joy at the thought of carrying her very own cub.  The new lifemates stayed in their mossy hideaway for days, while Dewshine, who was Scouter's lifetime lovemate, couldn't wait for them to return to share in their happiness. 
Scouter became a little overprotective of his new lifemate, especially because she was now carrying his cub. At first he forbid Tyleet to have any more contact with humans, but after reasoning with him Scouter relented, telling her that he would accompany her instead.  Tyleet learned all she could of the human language and shared all she knew with her tribemates.  
Unfortunetly, with rising tensions between the elves and the humans, Cutter, chief of the Wolfriders, decided to split the tribe into two. Half the tribe was to go with him to war, and the other half was to find a new holt and make sure the Wolfriders lived on.  He appointed his daughter Ember to be cheif of the new tribe and it was up to her to decide who would be a part of it.  "I choose...Dewshine, huntress and gatherer.  Scouter for his eyes...Tyleet for her ears...and their cub, for whatever wonders he'll bring."
They settled in Howling Rock Holt. Two years later Tyleet gave birth to a son named Pool.
more to come...

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